handmade candles

Aluèur was inspired by my grandmother, Irene. For more than 15 years, we made candles together in my garage. In addition to the fun we had, we fell in love with many fragrances that we wanted to share with others. Today, just like the candles we made, Aluèur candles are handmade from a premium blend of wax, lead-free cotton wicks and fine fragrances. Each candle in this line is personally poured in small batches in Fort Worth, Texas.

What began as a candle-making hobby for my grandmother and me has developed into a small boutique filled with high-quality gifts and accessories and, of course, candles. In late 2009, my grandmother lost her battle with leukemia. We had talked about this type of candle so often when she was alive that, upon her passing, I wanted to honor her love for candle-making and for sharing it with me.

As we had envisioned, Aluèur represents quality and beauty to the last detail. The packaging is unique and very meaningful to me. For example, the crest on the front of the jar has an "I" for Irene and an "R" for me, Rani.

I hope you enjoy the spirit and the candles named Aluèur. May Irene's light continue to glow.


Rani Grandstaff